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Aims and objectives

-       Advancement of research in all sectors of Digital Media and Communication Studies.

-       High quality publications in theoretical and empirical researches in the field of Multi Media Communication.

-       Networking of academicians, researchers and professionals encourage different genres in creative and research writing.

-       Enhancement of diversity, multiplicity and variation of the research on society in general.

-       Advance research in communication studies by stimulating high quality publications focused on theoretical, empirical, applied and analytical themes.


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Quality of research
We are committed to publish research papers of very good quality so as to improve the impact of our publications on researchers.
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Your article gets the most trustworthy reviews from the top professionals of the field.
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We have a very well versed and qualified team of professional editors to publish your research and guide you through out the process.
Global Audience
We have the most comprehensive marketing strategy for sharing your research across the globe.
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We are committed to preserve our valuable research so we submit it to multiple international archives.
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Unique identifier is assigned to each article published which improves your discoverability.